Yangshao Culture and Painted Pottery: Understanding, Preserving and Presenting the Past

chinas cultural heritage workshop

Presentations by Guest Speakers from Henan:
Hong Wei 洪伟 (Researcher at the Henan University, Research Centre for Chinese Ceramics 河南大学中国陶瓷研究院院长): The Local and the World: Methodological Reflections on Research on the History of Painted Pottery 地方与世界:彩陶历史研究的方法论反思
He Xiaopeng 贺晓鹏 (Deputy Director of the Mianchi County Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film, and Tourism 渑池县文化广电和旅游局副局长): Yangshao and its Time: The Concepts behind the Refurbishment of the Exhibition at the Yangshao Culture Museum 仰韶和她的时代——仰韶文化博物馆展陈提升构想
Yang Shuanchao 杨拴朝 (Deputy Director of the Mianchi Yangshao Museum 渑池仰韶文化博物馆副馆长): Heritage and Development of the Yangshao Culture of Sanmenxia 三门峡地区仰韶文化的传承与发展

Short Presentations on Research Conducted at Oxford
Jennifer Keute: Organic Residue Analysis on Prehistoric Pottery from Northern China
Evgenia Dammer: Technology Transfer in Production on Majiayao-Style Pottery between
Neolithic Sites in Northwest China
Anke Hein: Modern Majiayao: Recreation, Imitation, Forgeries?
Christopher Foster: Introducing the "Understanding Authenticity in China's Cultural Heritage"
Liu Ruiliang (Ray): From Erlitou to Erligang: a Revised Chronology for Early Bronze Age China