French Cinema, Effective Altruism and Prehistoric Sloths

In this sixth episode of Speculation & Percolation, Dan Holloway, Futures Thinking co-convenor, Rogue Interrobang CEO and polymath shares a multi-media cornucopia of resources from film and fiction to online resources that help him think creatively about what next.


Dan studied Theology and Philosophy at Christ Church, before doing a Masters and four years of a DPhil at Linacre, studying subjectivity and taxonomy in early modern thought (in particular Puritans and Ramism). He has been a campaigner and speaker on debt and mental health, working among others with the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Financial Conduct Authority, Mind, and the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute. In 2018 he was shortlisted in two categories for the inaugural Vice Chancellor’s Diversity Awards for his work on mental health within the University and in 2017 he won the Humanities Innovation Challenge for the creative thinking card game Mycelium, and as a result recently became Oxford University's second lean spinout with the company Rogue Interrobang, which helps organizations use creativity to find solutions to wicked problems.