Image and Thought Network

image and thought

This network ran from 2019 to 2022.


Images are often considered as playing an auxiliary role in the process of thinking, having an explicative rather than a heuristic function. The Image and Thought Network sets out to challenge this conceptualisation and its related hierarchy of value, not only to unsettle such presuppositions but also to explore the porous boundaries between image and thought. The aim of the network is to consider the relationship between image and thought across disciplines, time frames and cultural traditions; in particular the project crosses philosophy, art and art history, literature and literary criticism, and theology and religion studies.




Prof Simon Gilson (Medieval and Modern Languages, Magdalen College) 

Prof Hanneke Grootenboer (History of Art, St Peter’s College)

Katie Javanaud (DPhil candidate in Theology, Keble College) 

Alesia Preite (DPhil candidate in Philosophy, St John’s College) 

Dr Emilia Terracciano (TORCH/Ruskin School of Art AW Mellon Fellow and Wadham Bowra Fellow in the Humanities) 

Valentina Tibaldo (DPhil candidate in Medieval and Modern Languages, St Hugh’s College) 

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