Images from 'Exploring the Rhythm: the Relationship of music, dance and the practice of Choreography'

DANSOX event: Some shots of the highly successful week-long workshop, 18th-23rd July, 'Exploring the Rhythm: the Relationship of Music and Dance in the Practice of Choreography'.

The workshop was open to public viewing at the Jacqueline du Pre Building, St Hilda's College: Choreographer Kim Brandstrup directed musicians Oliver Coates and Joanna MacGregor with dancers Simone Damberg Wurtz, Liam Francis, Tobias Praetorius, exploring the source of movement dynamics and musical/spatial form in choreographic composition. Filmographers Ardeshir Ab and Dominika Besinska joined us all week - the workshop was also part of a film Brandstrup is developing about the theory of choreography and that will be shown later in the year.

See also report on the workshop by Maggie Watson: