Migration and Mobility

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This network was funded by TORCH from June 2017 - June 2019.

People are mobile, and arguably always have been. Yet, in recent years, migration and mobility have been pushed onto the agendas of government and non-governmental actors alike, have been covered widely in the media, and have generated societal discussions about ways of belonging and exclusion. In a time when migration and mobility are raising political, environmental, social, and ethical questions, there is a pressing need to rethink these fundamental concepts in creative, multidisciplinary ways.

While the University houses two interdisciplinary research centres explicitly dedicated to the research of these themes (Centre on Migration, Policy and Society https://www.compas.ox.ac.uk/ and Refugee Studies Centre https://www.rsc.ox.ac.uk/ ), these tend to be primarily based in social scientific approaches. This network therefore wants to reach across and beyond the existing migration research centres, to bring researchers of all aspects of migration and mobility from the University together to develop the migration and mobility research agendas at Oxford, to foster synergies for future collaborative cross- and interdisciplinary projects, and thereby generate a deeper understanding of mobility. The network has been generously supported by TORCH, and since Michaelmas 2019 is hosted by the Global Exchange on Migration and Diversity, the ‘knowledge exchange arm’ of COMPAS. We are excited by the new opportunities this brings, particularly with regard to reaching out to non-academic audiences as well.

We are interested in this network to grow: if you work on any aspect of migration or mobility in any of the University’s divisions or a non-academic organisation within Oxford, please join us and spread the word!

We are organising regular networking events, and advertise events and calls of interest to those working on migration and mobility from across the divisions. We also support other inter- and multi-disciplinary events, engagements opportunities, and projects relating to migration and mobility. If you want to discuss an idea, please get in touch!


How to join

If you would like to become a network participant, join the mailing list, have ideas for projects, or are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Main contact is Domiziana Turcatti: migration-mobility@torch.ox.ac.uk


Oxford Migration Website

Please also check out the revamped website dedicated to all migration research in Oxford: www.migration.ox.ac.uk. It contains a list of all Oxford researchers working on migration and/or mobility, as well as information on events, projects, teaching, and the respective research centres. If you are a researcher of migration in Oxford and would like to be featured on the website, please get in touch at migration-mobility@torch.ox.ac.uk.


Oxford Migration Studies Society

The Oxford Migration Studies Society aims at providing a platform for students of all disciplines who share an interest in migration and mobility. Acting as the 'student arm' of the Migration and Mobility Network, OMSS organises cultural, social, and academic activities and events related to migration. All those interest can get in touch through oxford.mss@gmail.com


For more information on what's going in migration research in Oxford, please visit www.migration.ox.ac.uk.

Contact: Domiziana Turcatti, domiziana.turcatti@compas.ox.ac.uk 

Generic network email address migration-mobility@torch.ox.ac.uk



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