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Cultural meeting points for curious minds

Multaka in Arabic translates in English to 'meeting point'. Multaka-Oxford uses museums and their collections as a ‘meeting point’ for bringing people together. The museums become the platform for sharing culture whilst contributing skills, knowledge and experience through volunteering.

Mutual learning and benefit are at the heart of everything we do

Nicola Bird, Multaka Project Manager

The award-winning MultakaOxford team brings communities together by sharing the rich knowledge and heritage of people from all over the world who have made their home in Oxfordshire.

Funded by a generous donation from Alwaleed Philanthropies, Multaka – which means meeting point in Arabic – is based at Oxford University's History of Science Museum and Pitt Rivers Museum.


The programme is being delivered jointly by the Pitt Rivers Museum and the History of Science Museum. Working in partnership with local community organisations including Asylum Welcome, Connection Support and Refugee Resource.


The project is inspired by Multaka: Museums as a meeting point, which is based in Berlin.

Find out more about the Multaka-Oxford project at the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Find out more about the Multaka-Oxford project at the History of Science Museum.

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Multaka-Oxford team

Multaka-Oxford team at Pitt Rivers Museum. Photograph by Ian Wallman

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