Neuroscience and Graphic Novels

In the third episode of Speculation & Percolation, neuroscientist Yayoi Teramoto considers the role of a graphic novel in coming to terms with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.


Yayoi Teramoto has recently started an Oxford Policy Engagement Network (OPEN) Fellowship, during which she will undertake a 6-month policy placement with the Emerging Technologies team at the Royal Society, focusing on neural interfaces. During her placement, she will be affiliated to Professor Peter Brown’s Group at the Unit, and will closely interact with the Unit’s neuroengineering lead, Professor Tim Denison.

Yayoi originally graduated with a bachelor’s degree at Princeton University, USA, where she studied a combination of applied mathematics and neuroscience. She is currently finishing her D.Phil. in neuroscience at the University of Oxford, where she has been using mathematical models to study how neuronal circuits are assembled during development.