Opportunity for postdoctoral research on Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures

zummara medieval

The Faculty of Music  is seeking two postdoctoral researchers to work on a new ERC Advanced grant, Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures (MALMECC).  

The project seeks to develop a new, post-national and trans-disciplinary method of studying pre-modern cultures; specifically, the focus will be on European courts of the ‘long’ fourteenth century, defined as 1250-1450. The project will consist of systematic collaboration of a team of scholars drawn from relevant disciplines (including but not limited to history, art history, architectural history, modern and classical languages, music) under the leadership of the Principal Investigator, Karl Kügle. The post-doctoral researchers will pursue an individual research project within their specific selected sub-project, in collaboration with the project team. They can apply for subprojects on the effects of gender and lineage on patronage in northwestern Europe; the courts of ecclesiastic princes in France and southern Europe; the artistic patronage of the Luxembourgs in Germany and the Czech lands; or the politics of prince-bishop Pilgrim II of Salzburg and the songs of the ‘Monk of Salzburg’.

The deadline for application is Wednesday 6 July 2016, and further information, including details of the role, criteria, and how to apply, are available here.


Oxford Medieval Studies