Orientophilia: Indic Philosophy in Post-Romantic Thought

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This network was funded from June 2013 - June 2015

In contemporary Europe, we think of Asia as a place that was consistently represented as inferior during the colonial era, but this paradigm has obscured other potential relationships between the continents.  The contention of our network was that Indian thought had been a consistent source of inspiration (sometimes explicitly, often unacknowledged) in the work of post-Enlightenment French and German philosophers and theologians.  By locating Indic philosophical schools in European intellectual history, we aimed to trace a global genealogy of ideas with implications for European nationalism, French structuralism, and comparative studies of religion and the mind. 

Network members:
Faisal Devji, Faculty of History
Gavin Flood, Faculty of Theology and Religion
Ruth Harris, Faculty of History
Sondra Hausner, Faculty of Theology and Religion
Christopher Minkowski, Faculty of Oriental Studies
Ben Morgan, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages
Jan Westerhoff, Faculty of Theology and Religion
Nick Wood, Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture
Johannes Zachhuber, Faculty of Theology and Religion

Contact: Sondra Hausner


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