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The Oxford Technology in Society Forum exists to foster greater mutual understanding of technology and society among the arts and humanities, social sciences, and mathematical, physical, and life sciences.

In pursuit of this goal, OTIS events bring researchers from across the University’s divisions together to discuss technology’s impact on societies past, present, and future. Through dialogue and the cross-fertilisation of ideas, we believe that a broader and deeper understanding of our own areas of expertise will be achieved.

Since the advent of modernity, technology has been a source of great hope and deep anxiety across the globe. Intermeshed with social contexts and power structures, technology’s capacity for new forms of emancipation and oppression has been long documented, theorised, and debated.  As technology remakes the world once again in the twenty-first century, fostering interdisciplinary awareness among a new generation of scholars is therefore vital.

Whether as a scientist concerned with the social impact of your work, a researcher examining technological aspects of history and literature, or as someone with a general curiosity and interest, we welcome a wide range of people and perspectives to our events.

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Contact: Daniel McAteer - Daniel.mcateer@history.ox.ac.uk