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The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped the contemporary performance landscape, creating new spaces for conversation between performers and performance researchers. At this moment of change, the Reimagining Performance Network works to build invaluable networks of support, debate and knowledge exchange between researchers and practitioners across a broad range of disciplines. We explore pressing new questions in the theatre and other creative fields, looking to both historical and contemporary performance practice to help confront the challenges and opportunities facing us.


Key among the Reimagining Performance Network’s questions are:

       - What new avenues does ‘performance-as-research’ practice offer traditional theatre scholarship and the theatre industry? What might be gained by fostering new  - performance-as-research practices?

       - How have minority identities been served or excluded from various forms of performance practice? And what new opportunities present themselves in our contemporary moment?

       - If performance has historically offered us a cultural and political ‘meeting place’, what do these forms of encounter and tentative community look like today? And what might they look like in the future? What do terms like “liveness”, “ephemerality” and “the archive” mean in today’s performance moment?


Our events bring theatre researchers and practitioners into close working and discursive contact, in order to explore these questions together.


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Dr Hannah Simpson

JRF in Theatre and Performance, 1890-present


Marcus Bell

DPhil candidate in Classical Languages and Literature; dancer and choreographer

Professor Kirsten Shepherd-Barr

Professor of English and Theatre Studies


Alison Middleton

DPhil candidate in Classical Language and Literature; theatre practitioner and stand-up comedian

Professor Tom Kuhn

Professor of Twentieth-Century German Literature


Dr Sos Eltis

Victorian, Modern, and Contemporary Literature and Theatre



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