2021-22 | Resisting Silence: Revealing Everyday Lives of Plantations Through Material, Oral, and Archival Histories

Image displays large rusty circular cogged machinery on a Plantation in St Lucia

'Resisting Silence: Revealing Everyday Lives of Plantations Through Material, Oral, and Archival Histories'


Knowledge Exchange Innovation Fund
Dr Ashley Coutu   |   Dr Marenka Thompson-Odlum   |   Pitt Rivers Museum   |   University of Oxford

Partner Organisation:
St Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society  |  Dr Winston Phulgence
Sir Arthur Lewis Community College  |  Donaldene Thompson


Marenka Thompson-Odlum and Ashley Coutu of the Pitt Rivers Museum have funding from the TORCH Knowledge Exchange Innovation Fund to work with partners in St Lucia: Winston Phulgence, President of the St Lucia Archaeological and Historical Society and Dean of Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and Donaldene Thompson, lecturer at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College. The project Resisting Silence will use archaeological, oral history, natural history, microbiology, and archival evidence to tell the stories of everyday life on our case study sites Anse Mahaut and Balenbouche, former sugar, coffee, and cotton plantations in the regions of Soufriere and Choiseul. The focus will be to tell hidden histories, such as the stories of slaves and those who had little power to formally shape the spaces and histories of where they lived, and whose knowledge was and is still undervalued. A big thank you to Uta and Verena Lawaetz, proprietors of Balenbouche, whose dedication to St Lucian history shows in their generosity, knowledge and time working with us for our research.


Funded by Torch Knowledge Exchange Innovation Fund

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