Science and the Humanities

Are the Humanities and the Sciences fundamentally different? Or do they share roots, values, aspirations and a common, contemporary predicament?

Presenter:  Howard Hotson, Professor of Early Modern Intellectual History, University of Oxford (Chair, Cultures of Knowledge network, TORCH)


  • Ian Walmsley, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Oxford
  • Mark Pagel, Professor and Head of the Bioinformatics Laboratory, University of Reading
  • James Ladyman, Professor of Philosophy of Sciences, University of Bristol

Chair: Sally Shuttleworth, Professor of English, University of Oxford

This seminar is part of "Humanities and the Public Good", a special series of events bringing together leading scholars in the arts and sciences and influential figures beyond academia, to consider the role of the Humanities in addressing contemporary challenges.


Humanities & the Public Good

Event: Science and the Humanities - Two Cultures or a Shared Enterprise?