Sensational Books Sound Project

book sound

Project Lead:

Emma Smith

Professor of Shakespeare Studies; Tutorial Fellow, Hertford College

Partner Organisations:

Fusion Arts

Bodleian Libraries

About the project:

What is the impact of the digital revolution on reading? Professor Emma Smith, University of Oxford and Kathryn Rudy, an art historian, medievalist and weaver based at the University of St Andrews are exploring encounters with the book beyond reading in Weston Library’s summer 2022 exhibition Sensational Books. As we unlock a world of sensory engagement with books, we are conscious that the exhibition case itself represents a barrier to experience the multisensory qualities of the book. To overcome this we are seeking to engage senses beyond sight in the exhibition room. We want to explore the sonic qualities of library materials, and encourage new perspectives on the collections and our research.

The exhibition will run from the 27th of May to the 4th of December 2023. 


Professor Emma Smith


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