The Contagion Camerata

Performed by the Theatre Chipping Norton

The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford || 20 June 2017

Filmed and edited by Dr Kira Allmann (

Excerpts from:

‘I got it from Agnes’ by Tom Lehrer, 1953
‘Damaged Goods’ by Eugène Brieux, 1913
‘Too True to be Good’ by George Bernard Shaw, 1932
‘The Herpes Tango’ by Fascinating Aida, 1997
‘The Roses of Eyam’ by Don Taylor, 1970
‘Hush, hush, hush’ by Paula Cole, 1996
‘Angels in America’ by Tony Kushner, 1991
‘A New Disease’ by Elbert Hubbard, published in Arena periodical, 1894
‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller, 1953

Additional video music by Rosemary Allmann

Supported by:
The Theatre Chipping Norton
The Oxford Science Festival
The Museum of the History of Science, Oxford
The Constructing Scientific Communities Project (AHRC)
Diseases of Modern Life (ERC)
TORCH (The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities)


Public Engagement with Research

Constructing Scientific Communities