The Oxford Disability Law and Policy Project

oxford disability law and policy conference image

The Oxford Disability Law and Policy Project builds on the success of the Let’s Get Disability on the List! Campaign - which asks Faculties to audit where disability is included in their taught courses - to develop strategies for curriculum diversity in relation to disability. Over the last three years, the Campaign team, led by Dr Marie Tidball, has raised over £100,000 and organised numerous University-wide academic events (see below) with audiences reaching two-hundred people. Focussing on better substantive inclusion of disability in research and taught course syllabi, The Oxford Disability Law and Policy Project aims to develop initiatives which bring new perspectives to academic analyses of law and policy and generate prestigious academic output, including a University-wide conference in Hilary Term 2018. Project Co-ordinator, Dr Marie Tidball is working with TORCH to ensure The Project facilitates knowledge transfer across faculties and departments through their Humanities and Identities scheme.  It is intended that expanding the substantive discussion of disability in the University’s teaching and research will also have a filter-down effect, improving the accessibility of facilities for students and academics with disabilities at the University.

Past Events