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‘The Oxford Psalms Network’ brings into conversation scholars working on the Psalms in related fields such as Theology, Reception History, History of Interpretation, History, Art History, Music and ancient and modern languages such as Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, Old Irish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

This Network examines the wider impact of the Psalms in the development of Judaeo-Christian culture, language and identity from the earliest times to the present day, encouraging interaction between academics, curators, and the wider public through a series of activities and outputs by academic and other partners. At the same time, it points to ways that scholars working on the history of Psalms in Judaeo-Christian culture might fruitfully collaborate with scholars working on the impact of the Psalms on other world religions.

A series of public talks on the Psalms by artists, academics, musicians, poets and illustrators is hosted by the Network. ‘New Perspectives on the Psalms’ began in January 2017 and is ongoing.

All are welcome.

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Dr Helen Appleton

Professor Susan Gillingham

Dr Francis Leneghan



Dr Helen Appleton

Prof. Francis Leneghan

Revd Canon Professor Susan Gillingham



Prof. Magdalena Charzyńska-Wójcik

Dr Edward Clark

Dr Danny Crowther

Thea Gomelauri

Bill Goodman

Michael Jessing

Prof. Michael P. Kuczynski

Prof. Henrike Lahnemann

David Lee

Dr Samira Lindstedt

David Mitchell

Prof. Haruko Momma

Prof. Sinéad O’Sullivan

Carissa Quinn Richards

Dr Daniel Sawyer

Dr Shirin Shafaie

Dr Kate Thomas

Roger Wagner

David Willgren

Dr Jacopo Gnisci

Dr John J. Gallagher

Audrey L. Southgate

Prof. Annie Sutherland

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