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‘The White Rose Project’


Knowledge Exchange Fellow:
Dr Alexandra Lloyd   |   Faculty of Medieval and Modern Language   |   University of Oxford

Partner Organisation:
The White Rose Foundation



In 1943, five students and a professor at the University of Munich were executed for treason. They were members of The White Rose (Die Weiße Rose), a clandestine group which wrote and distributed pamphlets calling on the Germans to resist Hitler.

The pamphlets are powerful pieces of writing with hard-hitting slogans such as 'If you know, why don't you act?', 'Sacrifice everything!', and 'Act - prove that you think differently!'. The White Rose is a household name in Germany, but is barely known in the UK.

Working with the Munich-based White Rose Foundation (Weiße Rose Stiftung), the White Rose Project tells the story of the resistance group and its members in the UK, and uses them as an example of a much larger story about the power of the written word, and how culture can inform political action.

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