TIDE Salon: An interactive multimedia exchange of music and spoken word poetry by Southasian British Artists

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Project Lead:

Nadini Das, Professor of Early Modern Literature and Culture

Exeter College







About the project:

Alien, stranger, foreigner, traitor, exile, citizen, convert – these are among many of the words and concepts that emerged in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, as travel, trade, and human mobility shaped English debates about what was familiar and what was not, who belonged and who did not. TIDE (Travel and Transcultural Identity in Early Modern England 1500-1700) is an European Research Council funded 5-year project led by Professor Nandini Das, which delves into the development of such terms, and excavates the lives and stories they shaped in that early period of the nation’s history, before the rise of the British Empire.


TIDE Salon is an interactive multimedia collaboration facilitated by TIDE, the award-winning novelist Preti Taneja, six extraordinary sound and spoken word artists curated by creative producer Sweety Kapoor, and critically acclaimed filmmaker Ben Crowe/ ERA Films, which began just as the country and the world went into lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Using TIDE’s research, our musicians and spoken word artists engaged in a unique collaboration online, as they explored these terms and concepts through words and music, asking:

- What do those words mean to us now?

- How does knowing their meaning and migration, change our social world?

- Can we communicate across form, distance and time to explore the politics of translation and its lived realities?


TIDE Salon will take its users on a journey through this collaboration, beginning in Tudor England, and opening up a conversation in England here, and now.




TIDE project: www.tideproject.co.uk

Professor Nandini Das: https://www.english.ox.ac.uk/people/nandini-das

Preti Taneja: www.preti-taneja.co.uk

Ben Crowe, ERA Films: www.erafilms.org

Sweety Kapoor, Curator / Creative Producer: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/sweety-kapoor

The Musicians

1. Steve_Chandra_Savale - Guitarist / Founding Member of Asian Dub Foundation

2. Sarathy Korwar - Tabla & Drums / Critically acclaimed Jazz Music Artist / Trained in Indian Classical.

3. Shama_Rahman - Sitarist, Vocalist, Music Artist / PHD in Neuroscience of Musical Creativity.

4. Ms. Mohammed - Trinidadian-Indian Music Artist / Guitarist / Lyricist/ Singer / Music Producer.

The Poets / Spoken Word Artists

5. Sanah Ahsan – Award-winning Spoken Word Artists / Published Poet / Psychologist

6. Zia Ahmed – Award-winning Spoken Word Artist / Playwright / Young Poet Laureate for London.


Music & Spoken Word Collaborations:
Steve Savale and Zia Ahmed: ALIEN/STRANGER
Ms. Mohammed and Sarathy Korwar: SAVAGE

Sanah Ahsan and Shama Rahman: TRAVELLER


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