2019-20 (ext. -2021) | Women’s Suffrage and Colonialism: New Perspectives and Collaborations



‘Women’s Suffrage and Colonialism: New Perspectives and Collaborations’

Knowledge Exchange Fellow:
Dr Alexandra Hughes-Johnson   |   Faculty of History   |   University of Oxford

Partner Organisation:
National Trust



Women’s Suffrage and Colonialism: New Perspectives and Collaborations is a new Knowledge Exchange research project that operates in partnership with both the University of Oxford and The National Trust. The overarching aim of this project is to connect academic research on transnational women’s suffrage campaigns within the British Empire to collections, properties and people associated with the National Trust.

By focusing on three main research areas: women’s transnational political interactions and alliances; race, ethnicity and nationalism as a criteria for citizenship within the Empire and the relationship between colonialism, nationalism and citizenship, this KE Fellowship, led by Dr Alexandra Hughes-Johnson, will explore the collections of the National Trust in order to highlight colonial and suffrage histories that are currently unfounded.

The KE Fellowship, which builds on previous work with the National Trust as a Trusted Source partner, will not only foster ongoing research linked to the National Trust’s 2018 Women and Power programme, but it also seeks to contribute to the National Trust’s Challenging Histories programme.


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