Article: 'Modi’s re-election could turn the world’s biggest liberal democracy into an illiberal one'

ubharte rehnuma

Professor Rana Mitter (OBE, Diorector of the China Centre) has published an article on the New Statesman about the recent Indian political elections of May 2019. 

In his article, Prof Mitter references the debate on the election happened on the 29th of May 2019 in the course of an event he co-organised with TORCH Global South Visiting Fellow Nur Laiq, a public policy expert, with the participation of other scholars and journalists interested in Indian politics.

Nur Laiq observed that Modi’s government will now be empowered to dominate yet more of the civil society institutions, including the courts, civil service and Reserve Bank of India, which have for years been the liberal current in the country’s democracy.

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