Happy in Berlin? reviewed in the TLS

Image of the Literaturhaus Berlin, surrounded by large trees was built in 1889-90 with light orange bricks, it features a bay window on the left (piossibly sandstone), with green roller shutters

Happy in Berlin? has received a complimentary review in the Times Literary Supplement. This book and series of exhibitions are part of Dr Stefano Evangelista's TORCH Knowledge Exchange project, Berlin Through the Eyes of English Writers.

Ritchie Robertson begins: 'Defying current isolationism, British and German academics have collaborated on three exhibitions – two in Berlin, one at the Bodleian Library in Oxford – that illustrate British visitors’ fascination with Berlin in the Weimar period (1919–33). Happy in Berlin?, the accompanying collection of well-illustrated essays, appropriately has parallel English and German texts.'

You can find out more about the project on the Happy in Berlin? website.

Read the full review here.