HCP Project Announcement: Syrian Voices

collage of different people involved with Syrian Voices project

We are delighted to announce that Dr Angela Flynn (Faculty of History) has recently been awarded a Humanities Cultural Programme grant for their project ‘Syrian Voices’. The project is co-led by Mehreen Saigol, and in collaboration with the Bodleian Library, Oxford Network for Armenian Genocide Research and the Silence Hub


Syrian Voices is a community history and documentary film project seeing the Syrian crisis from the unique perspectives of refugees now settled in the UK. The project fulfils the urgent need to witness the humanitarian catastrophe through individual stories of conflict, diaspora and perceptions of life in the UK. Syrians from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life candidly share their experiences. Using filmed testimonies, zoom recordings, home videos and photographs, Syrian Voices offers an insight into what it means to be a war refugee living in the UK today. The film will be premiered in October 2021, hosted by TORCH.


Dr Angela Flynn said: “The Humanities Cultural Programme actively supports this project through its dynamic, creative and innovative public-facing platforms. In collaboration with the Humanities Cultural Programme we aim to raise awareness and engage with the wider community in meaningful conversations about diaspora, transnational identities, conflict and exile.”


To find out more about this Humanities Cultural Programme funded project please visit: https://torch.ox.ac.uk/syrian-voices#/