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As #TORCHGoesDigital enters its seventh week, the TORCH Heritage Programme and National Trust Partnership are also turning to music, highlighting recent projects involving active collaboration with the heritage sector. 


Kathryn King's research into experiencing choral evensong in the twenty-first century found an unexpected collaborator in one of the UK's leading virtual reality technology companies, Focal Point VR. With places of worship currently closed during the lockdown, Kathryn's research feels more timely than ever, offering the opportunity to experience choral evensong without leaving home. 


Dr Alice Little, a loyal attendee of the Heritage Pathway training and development sessions, has been awarded a TORCH Knowledge Exchange Fellowship to work with the English Folk Dance and Song Society to study manuscript music notebooks in their collection, and through research and public events, share these unique resources more widely.


Music has featured heavily in projects associated with Oxford's National Trust Partnership as well. For example, Dr Lucy Kaufman worked with NT property The Vyne to recreate what a Tudor Mass sounded like; and Joanna Bullivant's Knowledge Exchange Fellowship explored curating Catholic music digitally. More stories relating to music are featured in Trusted Source, our growing collection of short and easily understood articles about history, culture, and the natural environment, developed in partnership with the National Trust. This week we look at articles on music including how the South Downs has influenced musicians, the role of local fairs, and why we sing Christmas carols.


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