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Psalms in Interfaith Contexts
International Reading Group
We are pleased to announce the launch of an international Reading Group on Psalms 
in Interfaith Contexts which will explore these prayers-poems-songs from multifaith 
and multidisciplinary perspective. 
The Book of Psalms/the Zabur/Sefer Tehillim is among the most popular and widely 
read of all the books of the Bible. There is no human emotion and mood which is not 
represented in Psalms. Their resonance transcends time and geographical space. 
During the time of global crisis this ancient book has received fresh attention from an 
international and interfaith network of artists, clergy, activists, teachers and scholars. 
The aims of the Reading Group will include to explore Psalms as a source of solace 
and inspiration and reflect on their role in human wellbeing, including mental health 
issues, and to discuss how they invite worshippers to relate to God. 
The Group will meet once a month via Zoom, for an hour, to discuss a specific 
passage from Psalm(s) and its application in various contexts. An invited speaker 
would introduce and read a text which would be circulated previously to the members 
of the Reading Group. The presentation will be followed by an open discussion.
The Reading Group is open to anyone and we invite you to register your interest 
Revd Dr John Goldingay
Chair of the Reading Group 
August, 2021
For further information, please contact Thea Gomelauri, oxfordfaiths@gmail.com