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Primary Investigator

Professor Derek McCormack 

School of Geography and the Environment, Mansfield College


Partner Organisations:

Modern Art Oxford

Kindness Wave






Professor Derek McCormack

Lucy Sabin



About the project:

Explore breath in relation to air quality, anxiety, Black Lives Matter, climate chaos, COVID-19, creation, creativity, embodiment, ephemera, health (public, mental and environmental), identity politics, plants, protests and much more.


Three questions are offered to explorers of Breathing Research.

• Who are the breathers?

• Under which conditions do they breathe?

• How can we communicate these conditions?


Breathworks is a participatory digital project started by Lucy Sabin, which explores everyone’s unique experiences of breathing. Throughout August 2020, Modern Art Oxford invited its online audiences to contribute a ‘breathwork’ by creatively capturing an experience of breathing. The result, is a fascinating and timely collection of personal stories that shed light on how we all experience breathing. 


Breathworks features the research project, Breathing Worlds conducted by Lucy Sabin and Oxford University’s Professor Derek McCormack. Explore Breathing Worlds in the virtual exhibition, Responsive Space.



Lucy Sabin, 



Credit: Breathworks installation in Responsive Space (featuring 'breathwork' by Ania Ready) at Modern Art Oxford, 2020. Photo by Helen Messenger

Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the

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