Creative Industries and the University of Oxford

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‘We work better together’: Why Collaboration is key

The creative sector represents one of the fastest growing areas of the UK economy, with a value of £101.7 billion1. Research collaborations with industry enable us to join the world-class research taking place at the University of Oxford with the diverse market-driven experiences and specialisms of creative and cultural organisations.

How Collaboration enhances research

The Creative Industries play a vital role in our lives. These are key areas for audience development and public engagement, enabling University of Oxford researchers to present original knowledge, resources and expertise for the benefit of a much wider audience.

Including Co-Created Research, Knowledge Exchange, Consultancy, Studentships, Product Development and Digital Projects, collaborative working is key to our development. To be relevant to new and diverse communities we must engage in innovative partnerships.

'Creative Industries': What does it mean?

The Creative Industries, as defined by the Creative Industries federation, include:

  • Advertising and marketing
  • Animation and VFX (visual effects)
  • Architecture
  • Crafts
  • Design (product, graphic, fashion)
  • Film, TV, video, radio and photography
  • IT, software and computer services ('creative tech')
  • Publishing
  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Heritage
  • Music
  • Theatre and Performance
  • Visual Arts
  • Video games
Example Projects

Emerging co-produced projects include Artificial Intelligence (AI) re-tellings of Shakespeare, site-specific Augmented Reality (AR) interventions in heritage spaces and an immersive experience centred around the centenary of the (re)discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 2022. Read about them all on our Blog.

Creative Industries Pathway

The Creative Industries Pathway is a series of talks, workshops and events for Humanities researchers who are interested in working in or with the Creative Industries. The sessions aim to provide an introduction to the many different strands that make up the sector, to show where Humanities research intersects with industry and to create a cohort of researchers interested in creative opportunities. The Pathway is free to attend and open to all students, staff and researchers at the University of Oxford. It is based at TORCH, Radcliffe Humanities.

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