Film screening and Q&A: Lunar Voyage

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Part of the Humanities Cultural Programme, one of the founding stones for the
future  Stephen A. Schwarzman Centre for the Humanities.

This is a free in-person event, but booking is required. Book your ticket here.


Film screening and Q&A with visiting Artist Tom Hammick and Professor Kate McLoughlin, Tutorial Fellow, Harris Manchester College, Oxford.

Silence, Painting, Poetry goes in-person!  The première of the third film in our series, Lunar Voyage, will take place in Maevadi Hall, Harris Manchester College, on 11 May 2022 at 5pm BST. In the 45-minute film, Professor Kate McLoughlin and artist Tom Hammick discuss Tom's stunning 2017 woodcut series Lunar Voyage, originally exhibited at the Flowers Gallery in New York. After the screening, Kate and Tom will be joined by literary critic Alexandra Harris and astrophysicist Dominic Dootson, for a further 45 minutes to discuss the silences of space, moon-voyages and the loneliness of vocations. Join us for the space explorations!



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Professor Alexandra Harris, a specialist in the art and literature of place at the University of Birmingham

Alexandra Harris is a Professorial Fellow in English at the University of Birmingham. She writes about British art and literature, with particular interests in Romanticism, Modernism, landscape and painting. Her books include Romantic Moderns, Weatherland, and Time and Place, and she leads the research network ‘Arts of Place’.




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Dominic Dootson, a DPhil student at Balliol College, Oxford, working on galaxy formation

Currently studying for a DPhil in theoretical astrophysics, Dominic uses mathematics to understand why these enigmatic structures form and how they affect the galaxies hosting them. A recurring feature that can be seen throughout nature and art, Dominic’s study of these beautiful structures has led to interests beyond his equations, including the humanities' relationship to the unknown and the Other. Once he has finished his DPhil, Dominic plans to pursue these interests further and train as a psychotherapist.