Silence, Painting, Poetry

silence painting and poetry square

Starpath (2017) (c) Tom Hammick

Primary Investigator

Professor Kate McLoughlin (English Faculty, Harris Manchester College)


Partner Organisation.

Tom Hammick

Silence Painting Poetry explores silences in art and literature.  In three public conversations, painter and print-maker Tom Hammick and Oxford Professor of English Literature Kate McLoughlin will compare the ways in which painters and poets made silence visible and audible in their works. The conversations will be filmed and broadcast with Q&A sessions in Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity terms.

Tom is the creator of paintings, woodcuts, prints, drawings, monotypes and tapestries.  His subjects have included the deep North, lunar voyages, boats and bodies of water, the night, forests—all of which are characterized by silence and stillness.  Kate is writing a literary history of silence and editing an anthology of poems about silence.  In their conversations they will discuss the creation, significance and history of silence in painting and poetry, juxtaposing pictures and texts in a mutually illuminating way.  The conversations will focus on (1) The Silent Vision (2) The Colour of Silence and (3) Silence & Perspective.  



Professor Kate McLaughlin

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