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The TORCH Comics and Graphic Novels network are hosting a workshop on 'Inkfish'. Ahead of the academic symposium, on Wednesday 21st June the Network will be running a comics creation workshop called ‘INKFISH’, in collaboration with Oxford Writers' House, a local, literature-focused, not-for-profit organisation. INKFISH is a collaborative, full day workshop (10am-5pm) designed to bring together budding and experienced comics creators in order to produce a finished piece of sequential narrative-art in just one day. After being organised into groups, participants will work together with a range of artistic materials to complete their comics-based creative project. Mentors, including artists, writers and comics creators will be on hand throughout the day to discuss ideas and offer guidance. Participants are encouraged to push the boundaries of genre and form, with the only stipulation being that the final pieces tell a story through both the written word and visual arts. Ideally they will relate to the symposium theme of ‘documenting trauma’, but this is by no means a necessity. The final artworks will be on display during the academic symposium, and we hope to gather them together into a reproducible pamphlet for wider circulation.

Click here to view the call for papers.

This event is run in collaboration with the English Faculty and Astor Visiting Lectureship Scheme 2017, Oxford Writer’s House, the British Council USA, the John Fell Fund and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH).