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The Oxford Migration Studies Society, the Oxford Migration and Mobility Network, Border Criminologies, and Routed Magazine are thrilled to host the annual Oxford Migration Conference. The online platform has allowed for a broader scope of panellists than ever before, with time-zones ranging from BST -8 to +11. Alongside the presentations and discussions over Zoom, authors were invited to contribute to Routed Magazine, giving the temporary conference community a more permanent interface. Beginning with an evaluation of the historical foundations of borders, the conference will trace how (post)-colonial notions of exclusion and inclusion inform the realities of the border, exploring technologies of border control, border discrimination, detention, encampment, deportation and criminalisation and the impact of Covid-19 on all of these areas. The conference will conclude by bringing these strands together in a collective and collaborative attempt to challenge the current border regime. We look forward to meeting you virtually throughout the conference week.

Please register here.

Conference contributions will be available from May 8th at: www.routedmagazine.com/omc2021