The Metaphysics of Quantum Mechanics

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Keynote Speakers:

Valia Allori (Northern Illinois University) - 'Quantum Mechanics and Paradigm Shift'

Angelo Cei (University of Rome) - 'Reflections on Atomism, Quantum Mechanics and Mereology'

Mauro Dorato (University of Rome) - 'Quantum Mechanics as a Metaphysics of Events'

Michael Esfeld (University of Lausanne) - 'Powers and Primitive Ontology in Quantum Physics'

Tim Maudlin (New York University) - 'The Universal and the Local in Quantum Theory'


Five additional speakers have been selected from those who submitted proposals:

Johanna Wolff (The University of Hong Kong) - 'Spin as a Determinable'

Wayne Myrvold (University of Western Ontario) - 'What is a Wavefunction?'

George Darby (University of Oxford) - 'Entanglement and the Metaphysician on the Clapham Omnibus'

Joshua Rosaler (University of Pittsburgh) - 'Interpretation Neutrality in the Classical Domain of Quantum Theory'

Vincent Lam (University of Lausanne) - 'A Primitive Structuralist Ontology for Quantum Mechanics: the Wave Function as a Physical Structure in Spacetime'


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Selected papers will be published in a special issue of Topoi: An International Review of Philosophyedited by Anna Marmodoro. The selection of papers will be made in collaboration with international advisors.

The conference is financially supported by the Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies Project, by Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy, the British Society for the Philosophy of Science, and the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

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Metaphysics of Entanglement

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