Gender and Authority

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This network was funded from March 2016 - March 2018.

The Gender and Authority project, jointly supported by TORCH and the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute, aimed to explore and question received notions of social and cultural authority, specifically as they intersect with issues of gender. Provoked initially by the idea of the canon, ‘the list of works considered to be permanently established as being of the highest quality’ (OED), we aimed to consider three points: how do social and gender norms determine ‘quality’? How permanent is authority? What is ‘work’? We proposed an expansive definition of work that includes all forms of cultural production, individual or collaborative. We also sought to examine spaces in which gender, as it intersects with other vectors of power, has led to the marginalisation of intellectual and artistic creation or labour.

This interdisciplinary project was founded in 2016, with seminars on a bi-termly basis featuring presentations of research in progress from scholars from Humanities and Social Sciences and from both within and outside the University of Oxford.

We also hosted a series of podcast produced by our Podcast Co-ordinator Kira Allmann, which can be accessed through the University Podcast site here and on SoundCloud here. We also hosted a blog here.

The Network was also supported by Buongiorno e Buonasera.



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Serena Alessi

Kira Allmann

Adele Bardazzi

Alberica Bazzoni

David Bowe

Alexis Brown

Deborah Cameron

Charlotte Cooper

Marzia D'Amico

Rachel Delman

Natalya Din-Kariuki

Amy Donovan Blondell

Vittoria Fallanca

Annika Forkert

Jessica Goodman

Kristin Grogan

Donna Harris

Julia Caterina Hartley

Matt Hurley

Dr Maria Jaschok

Geraldine Johnson

Mara Keire

Yasmin Khan

Khin Mar Mar Kyi

Elizabeth Eva Leach

Iris Lo

Alison Moulds

Lucy Rayfield

Sahba Shayani

Richard David Williams

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