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Knowledge Exchange  |  Collaboration and Innovation


Knowledge Exchange in the Humanities at Oxford aims to create mutually beneficial collaborations with researchers and organisations external to the University. Using innovative approaches, ideas and exchange, these collaborations can create new ways of working, innovative work and future projects. 

There are many potential pathways and outcomes from this reciprocity that demonstrate both the enhancement of academic research and the benefits to society and the economy. Whether working with a theatre or charity, a local, regional or national community, or a small, medium business or enterprise, building a formal partnership with a museum or collection, co-creating a workshop with a school or external organisation, engaging the public with research ideas, or helping to form public policy, knowledge exchange is a reciprocal act which helps both parties, and has both tangible and intangible outcomes.

Support available through TORCH
We support collaborations across a wide range of areas and subjects. We also have key innovation focus areas for the Humanities in Knowledge Exchange are in:

> Theatres and Performance
> Heritage
> Creative Industries
> Policy

We have a team member focused on each of these focus areas who is available to support researchers interested in exploring potential research-led work in these themes. The KE team is also closely connected to the public engagement with research team as part of the Humanities Cultural Team at TORCH, thus ensuring we can support relationships and projects efficiently and effectively. 


TORCH supports Knowledge Exchange in the Humanities in the following ways:

> Knowledge Exchange Fellowship scheme
Oxford researchers create a mutually beneficial partnership project with an external organisation. This flagship scheme has supported over 65 Fellowships since 2013. 

> Seed funding for projects
Small grants available for smaller scale and often exploratory projects. 

> Matchmaking
Ifyou are a researcher interested in finding an organisational partner, please feel free to get in touch. We often bring people together who could potentially work together. 

Details of current and past KE projects are listed below and information about open KE funding calls can be found on our 'Opportunities' page.
You can also read about the KE projects in the Knowledge Exchange Fellowships brochure.


>>> 2021-22 TORCH Knowledge Exchange Fellowship call is now open.