ANNOUNCEMENT: The TORCH Storytelling Competition Winners


We were absoultely delighted by the number and quality of submissions for the TORCH Storytelling Competition. With over 125 entries from 6 countries, the overwhelming response only reinforced the enduring power of storytelling. 

In each category we are awarding one grand winner, and two runners up.

Under 10 

Winner: Rapunzel's Son, by Gabriel Chiarito

The Judges' comments on 'Rapunzel's Son' : This is imaginative, alive, and totally brilliant. The artwork is energetic and full of charm.


Runners Up


Little Red Karate Belt, by Shey-Ryan Brooks

Judges: A beautifully presented and genuinely original story.

Theseus, the Minotaur, and the Coffee, by Peter Kendall

Judges:  This really made us laugh. It is a very composed and controlled piece of writing.



11 - 17 Category


Winner: The Sleeping Beauty, by Linnet Drury

The Judges' comments on 'The Sleeping Beauty' : A terrific story; a virtuouso blending of lots of idea, a baroque control of language and a really strong voice



Runners Up


Beauty Peggy and the Beast, by Isabella Rice

Judges: A very striking and accomplished piece of writing with a nice touch of the Gothic.


The cane, the hammer and Red Riding Hood, by Amrita May-Singh

Judges:  Very inventive storytelling with a great sense of voice.


Over 18


Winner: Echoes and Ripples, by Amy Montegriffo

The Judges' comments on 'Echoes and Ripples' : A terrific piece of work, thoughtful, engaging, and well-written.


Runners up:


 #turniplove, by Jessica Woodward

Judges: A clever, playful, and inventive approach to narrative.


A Fairy Story: Three Wishes

Judges: This is a warm and hilarous piece of writing with a great sense of fun. 


Many thanks to our judges: Professor Philip Ross BullockProfessor Wes Williams, and Dr Anbara Salam, published author.