ANNOUNCEMENT: The TORCH Storytelling Competition Winners

Robotic hand stretch out, covered by pink banner which reads "And the winner is..."

We were absoultely delighted by the number and quality of submissions for the TORCH Storytelling Competition. With over 125 entries from 6 countries, the overwhelming response only reinforced the enduring power of storytelling. 

In each category we are awarding one grand winner, and two runners up.

Under 10 

Winner: Rapunzel's Son, by Gabriel Chiarito

The Judges' comments on 'Rapunzel's Son' : This is imaginative, alive, and totally brilliant. The artwork is energetic and full of charm.


Runners Up


Little Red Karate Belt, by Shey-Ryan Brooks

Judges: A beautifully presented and genuinely original story.

Theseus, the Minotaur, and the Coffee, by Peter Kendall

Judges:  This really made us laugh. It is a very composed and controlled piece of writing.



11 - 17 Category


Winner: The Sleeping Beauty, by Linnet Drury

The Judges' comments on 'The Sleeping Beauty' : A terrific story; a virtuouso blending of lots of idea, a baroque control of language and a really strong voice



Runners Up


Beauty Peggy and the Beast, by Isabella Rice

Judges: A very striking and accomplished piece of writing with a nice touch of the Gothic.


The cane, the hammer and Red Riding Hood, by Amrita May-Singh

Judges:  Very inventive storytelling with a great sense of voice.


Over 18


Winner: Echoes and Ripples, by Amy Montegriffo

The Judges' comments on 'Echoes and Ripples' : A terrific piece of work, thoughtful, engaging, and well-written.


Runners up:


 #turniplove, by Jessica Woodward

Judges: A clever, playful, and inventive approach to narrative.


A Fairy Story: Three Wishes

Judges: This is a warm and hilarous piece of writing with a great sense of fun. 


Many thanks to our judges: Professor Philip Ross BullockProfessor Wes Williams, and Dr Anbara Salam, published author.