Digital Week Seventeen: Activism

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” - Anne Frank

Although Oxford is well known for its associations with the English political elite and global intelligentsia, the city has also been the site of much class conflict, student activism, and racial tension over the course of its eight hundred year history. This week, the theme for TORCH Goes Digital is 'Activism'. We will be exploring a variety of themes over this week, including artistic expression and political struggle, academic reflection and social responsibility. What shape will activism, and politics as a whole, take in our changing world?

TORCH Goes Digital: Activism Infographic

Some of the highlights rom this week's theme included:

Finally, our event for the Big Tent, Big Ideas series was an incredible success. We were delighted to collaborate with the Ashmolean Museum to host a live-streamed event: White Rose- Voices of the German Resistance with Dr Alex Lloyd (Fellow in German, University of Oxford) and Tom Herring (Artistic Director of Sansara) hosted by Dr Victoria McGuinness (Head of Cultural Programming and Partnerships, University of Oxford).


With thanks to the Ashmolean Museum, who allowed us access to the building while they were closed to the public.