Comics & Travel

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5 July 2019

Taylor Institution Library

St Giles', Oxford, OX1 3NA



9.00 Registration

9.30 Opening remarks

9.45 Keynote Speaker. Paul Gravett: Title TBC

10.45 Break

11.00 Panel 1+ Panel 2


Panel 1: Border Forms, Bordered Worlds: Travelling with Refugee Comics

Emma Parker: ‘PositiveNegatives: Visual Storytelling and Creative Practice’

Dominic Davies: Border Forms, Bordered Worlds: Travelling with Refugee Comics

Candida Rifkind: ‘The Hand-Drawn Line and Postdocumentary Refugee Comics’


Panel 2: Inter-dimensional, Interplanetary and Time Travel

Kiko Sáez de Adana: ‘Comics, Physics and Time Travel’

Eszter Szep: ‘The Geometry of Interdimensional Travel: Trips to Alien Lands in Jesse Jacobs’ Comics

Jordan Newton: ‘Strange Lands for StrangeTimes: A Look at International and Interplanetary Travel in American Superhero Comics from 1945-1965’


12.15 Panel 3 + Panel 4


Panel 3: Between Non-movement and Nonplaces

Laurike in’t Veld: ‘Isolation, Repetition, and Minute Movements in Tim Enthoven’s Binnenskamers’

Ann Miller: ‘Lewis Trondheim, Interstitial Traveller through the Non-lieux’


Panel 4: Transnational Comics

Jean-Paul Gabilliet: ‘Actuel and the Acclimation of US Comix in France in the 1970s’

Kin-Wai Chu: ‘Across Medium, Language and Cultural Borders: The Travel of The Sound Of Music’


13.15 Lunch

14.00 Panel 5 + Panel 6



Panel 5: Comics ‘Journeys’

Andrea Hoff: ‘It was an Easy Place to FeelYou'd Conquered: Exploring Places Known and Unknown within the Works of Eleanor Davis, Sarah Glidden, and Kristen Radtke’

Pinaki De: ‘Maps Take You Nowhere: Tales From the Longform Anthology’

Jenni Scott: ‘'Journey' stories in Jinty: a travel-based trope in a traditional British girls comic’


Panel 6: Graphic Representation of Movement in Comics

Helen Greetham: ‘Finite and Infinite Canvases: Digital Technology and Changing Routes through Comics’

Roberto Bartual: ‘Depicting Movement in Comics’

Eva Van de Wiele: ‘The Fast and the Playful: Children and Transport in Early Spanish TBO’


15.15 Panel 7+ Panel 8


Panel 7: Travel in Documentary and Non Fiction Comics

Soloup: ‘Transition in Time Through Graphic Memoir: History and Inner Journeys in the Graphic Novels Aivali and The Collector’

Gunnar Krantz: ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to Post-war Europe. Re-enacting Travels on Paper’

Warda Ahmed/ Ainur Elmgren: ‘Oral History and Comics – How Stories Travel in Time’


Panel 8: Migration and Refugee Comics

Teresa Ferreiro Peleteiro: ‘The Strange. Narrative Elements and Techniques in Comics´ Media for Awakening Political Consciousness’

Rasha Chatta: ‘Exilic Aesthetics and Agency: On Drawing Voice in Refugee Graphic Narratives’

Aaron Humphrey: ‘Refugee Comics and Transnational Graphic Citizenship: The case of Eaten Fish’


16.30 Break


17.00 Panel 9+ Panel 10


Panel 9: Manga in the West

Jacob Habinc: ‘Berliac’s Norway through Lens of Manga – An Analysis of the Gekiga Aesthetic in SADBØI’

Lisa Maya Quaianni Manuzzato: ‘Gekiga Tradition and the Self-Publishing Independent Italian Comics’


Panel 10: American Identities and Travel

Paul Duncan: ‘The Wild (and sometimes notso-wild) West of Matt Marriott’

Sydney Heifler: ‘They Must Be Contained: Romance Comics, Cars, and the Dangers of Independent Teenage Girls


18.30 Keynote Speaker: A Conversation with Joe Sacco (with Peter Kessler)

20.00 Conference Dinner


Oxford Comics Network, TORCH Networks