Why are there always Candomblés?


In this paper, TORCH Mellon Global South Visiting Professor Marcio Goldman will explore the so-called ‘Afro-Brazilian’ religions, which have been the subject of extensive ethnographic research by Professor Goldman. He will argue that this field is marked by a fundamental socio-political concern — how to conceive a nation composed of too many differences — a concern that is the reason for the central place occupied in the field by the topics of syncretism and miscegenation. Finally, based on a contrast between the dominant theories on these themes and those we can find in the groups we study, Goldman will present his position on the role of anthropology of Afro-Brazilian religions in this debate.


TORCH Global South Visiting Professors and Fellows
Humanities & Identities
Race and Resistance across Borders in the Long Twentieth Century

Audience: Open to all