Happy in Berlin | Podcast Series | Episode 3


Episode 3 uncovers the connections between Weimar cinema and psychoanalysis. Laura Marcus (Oxford University) and co-curator Gesa Stedman (Humboldt-Universität) explain what drew many British writers to the Berlin Psychoanalytical Institute and to Berlin’s film industry.


Episode 1 | Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin years

Episode 2 | The myth of Berlin as capital of sexual freedom

Episode 4 | How national and international politics shapes the work of British writers who came to Berlin

Episode 5 | Contemporary interpretations of the ‘Berlin myth’


The podcast was created by Gesa Stedman, Anisia Petcu and Sofia Permiakova (Centre for British Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Voice actors: Marianne Graffam, Lyndon Winters, and Clare Staniforth
Co-editor: Clarisse Cossais
Assistant sound research and editing: Liam Stedman
Sound engineer: Andrew Nicholls


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