Happy in Berlin | Podcast Series Trailer


Happy in Berlin? | Podcast Series
English writers in the city – the 1920s and beyond | Knowledge Exchange Fellowship Project
TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

In this podcast series you can hear academic experts and writers talk about the significance of Berlin for English authors. It accompanies the exhibition ‘Happy in Berlin? English Writers in the City, The 1920s and Beyond’, which took place in Berlin and Oxford in summer 2021. More information about the collaboration can be found on our project website: happy-in-Berlin.org


Episode 1 | Christopher Isherwood’s Berlin years

Episode 2 | The myth of Berlin as capital of sexual freedom

Episode 3 | Two important pull factors of Weimar Berlin: Film and psychoanalysis

Episode 4 | How national and international politics shapes the work of British writers who came to Berlin

Episode 5 | Contemporary interpretations of the ‘Berlin myth’


The podcast was created by Gesa Stedman, Anisia Petcu and Sofia Permiakova (Centre for British Studies, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Voice actors: Marianne Graffam, Lyndon Winters, and Clare Staniforth
Co-editor: Clarisse Cossais
Assistant sound research and editing: Liam Stedman
Sound engineer: Andrew Nicholls


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